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Classic Strip Lashes

Classic Strip Lashes

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Get ready for the best lashes you’ve ever had! Classic lashes are feminine, soft and glamorous. They blend naturally with your curl type, featuring the right level of thickness to look natural.

 Our Classic lash strip is one of the softest and natural classic lash styles available. These lashes are a beautiful medium thickness, but not too heavy to be intimidating. When applied properly, they adhere smoothly to the eyelid without damaging your natural lashes. They are one of our timeless styles and we think they will be a staple for years to come!

The secret is in the special coating that creates an easy-to-remove lash line that looks like you're wearing fun feather eyelashes without the drama. Just peel it, dip it and dab it on top of your mascara and you'll be ready to flutter your lashes with ease. It's perfect for any occasion, so don't be afraid to unleash your inner flirt.


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