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Eye Makeup Bundle Kit

Eye Makeup Bundle Kit

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Our lashes and eyeliner bundle kit equips you with all the essentials needed for the perfect eye makeup look. The kit includes two eyeliner stickers and an eyelash strip, creating a perfect combo for instant glam!


The eyeliner stickers come in two colors - vibrant pink and timeless black, allowing you to craft dramatic and classic looks. The stickers are an innovative addition to the everyday beauty routine, as they don’t smudge your makeup, unlike liquid eyeliners. They can be placed on top of the eyelash strip, ensuring a smooth, smudge-free, at-home application.


Whether it’s a night out or your birthday party, you can revert to this bundle kit for that all-in-one solution to your eye glam. With the best falsies for a supernatural gaze and the eyeliner sticker for an enchanting tinge of color, the bundle features the perfect grab-and-go accessible for any beauty enthusiast.

This Bundle includes

1 Black Eyeliner

1 Pink Eyeliner

1 Pair of Dark Russian Volume lashes Strip



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