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Wispy/Hybrid Strip Lashes

Wispy/Hybrid Strip Lashes

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Why choose between volume, length, and classic lashes? With our Wispy/Hybrid Strip lashes, now you can have all three. The lashes feature meticulously crafted fibers, which bring you a weightless yet luxurious eyelash experience.


Combining the effects of classic and volume lashes, this Hybrid set satisfies the desired eyelash look for you without being too over the top. Designed for that in-between look, the lashes bring out the natural beauty in your eyes while layering for more emphasis.


Upon closer inspection, you will notice that each lash is created to give your eyes the show they deserve while being both elegant and subtle. This makes the Hybrid Strip lashes perfect both for everyday and formal events, as they give you a natural fluffy look that’s perfect for every occasion.


When you choose the Hybrid Strip eyelashes, you can make a subtle statement or command attention with glamour. Either way, your eyes will appear larger, brighter, and more defined.


How to apply:


  • Before you adjust your lash band with your natural lash line, you should check the strip’s fit. If it’s too long, simply trim the outer end.
  • Apply a thin line of lash adhesive to the band and wait for 30 seconds for it to set. Promptly secure the lash strip by pressing it into the lashline.
  • To remove the strip, simply peel off the lash from the outer edge, carefully removing adhesive from the band to reuse.


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