Why use our Lashes?

All about our self-adhesive lashes:

  • Convenient to use: Self-adhesive lashes come with a strip of adhesive already attached to the lashes, making them easy to apply.
  • No need for eyelash glue: Self-adhesive lashes eliminate the need for separate eyelash glue, which can be messy and time-consuming to apply.
  • Easy to remove: Unlike traditional lashes that require special removers or makeup removers, self-adhesive lashes can often be gently peeled off when ready to be removed.
  • Ideal for beginners: Self-adhesive lashes are a good option for those who are new to wearing false lashes, as they are easier to apply and less intimidating than traditional lashes.
  • Can be reused: Depending on the quality of the self-adhesive lashes, they can sometimes be reused several times if properly cared for and stored.