About BFFlashes

Our Eyelashes and Eyeliners products are designed by a lash Artist with experience and who understand her clients needs.

There are many lashes strip out there but BFFlashes ones were made to fulfils the need of many clients who sometimes can’t have their lashes done.


Leidiane is a certified lash technician since 2011, with masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a passion for sustainability and natural beauty products that is good for the skin and the environment.


BFFlashes came up with 5 different style of eyelashes strips that mimics eyelash extensions now you going to be able to have the extensions look within just a few minutes.


We love offering eyelash extensions services treatment however we understand that sometimes while you aren’t able to come to us to get your eyelashes done, you can order our beautiful strips lashes.

We want to continue to offer high quality products that are natural and progressively turn the lash industry into a thriving environment –friendly one.

The beginning of BFFlashes

When I arrived in Australia in 2011 I started University and I met this girl in my class with the most stunning lashes and that was my first contact with lash extension.

I’m a practical person and I absolutely love the idea that it would last up to a month and then saw this as an opportunity to work from home and that is how it began working as a Lash Artist casually.

In 2018, returned to Australia and opened a Beauty Salon and noticed the high demand for lashes and created BFFlashes.