Collection: Lash Artist Products

As a lash artist, you are always on the lookout for the right tools to create the perfect, long-lasting, and glamorous extensions for your clients. Luckily, we've gathered the tools every lash artist needs in their kit.


In this collection, you’ll find high-quality essentials that will help you immerse yourself in your craft and deliver beautiful results. From a quick drying eyelash glue to individual extensions, our lash supplies will get the job done right.


Our products help lash artists go from zero to hero, assisting them with setting each lash, the mapping, styling, and lash sizing. They ensure the smoothness of each procedure so that they can perform them with ease. With hypoallergenic properties, they do the job without leaving your clients feeling red-eyed, puffy, and weepy.


So, when you have a new client who’s a complete newbie or an eyelash connoisseur, our lash products are sure to deliver on.